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I believe EPDM rubber would be a better choice as it is very UV resistant and won't deteriorate as quickly at the outside edge. It can not tolerate any oil though. For the bolts you want use the special plastic washers with a collar that goes down in the bolt hole to isolate the stainless bolt completely from the aluminum. McMaster-Carr sells these.

In my job we install bulkhead fiting in plastic tanks using rubber gaskets, then fill the tanks with 12 feet of waste water. We have found that a gasket alone without sealants of any kind will seal well when the thickness of the gasket is at least twice that of any bumps on the surface. So a 1/8" gasket requires a surface with not more than 1/16" of variation from flat. But a 1/2" gasket will take up 1/4"! We often need that 1/2" gasket.

Hoppe this helps,

Gary H. Lucas
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