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Yeah, but....

.....trouble with at least some of the dedicated coax strippers (like the one I have and never use) is that they don't strip off the right amount in the right places.

Here's a proven way to do RG-8/213/214, etc.

1. Strip off a goodly amount -- about 2" -- of the outer covering, leaving the shield exposed.

2. With a soldering iron, carefully tin the braid all around for an inch or so from the inner end, i.e., back to where the outer covering is cut.

3. Using a good, sharp tubing cutter -- like you use for copper tubing -- cut thru the tinning and the shield (or shields in the case of 214) approximately 3/4" from the inner end (where the outer covering is cut).

4. Be careful not to cut too deeply...just enough to get thru the braid.

5. Strip the braid away. This leaves the inner conductor and its covering, plus the tinned part of the braid.

6. Using any common wire stripper, strip the inner conductor covering back to about 1/8" from the tinned braid.

7. Fit a new PL-259 over the coax and SCREW it onto the outer covering. This takes some force, and is most easily done in a vice or by holding the connector gently with a pair of pliers.

8. Watch thru the holes in the PL-259, and screw it onto the coax just enough so that the tinned braid completely covers the holes from the inside. Stop..that's enough screwing (who'da thunk it?).

9. Solder the tip and the braid thru the 4 holes. Cut off any excess of the tip.

10. Finish up by: (a) testing with a meter to be sure there's continuity and no short; and (b) putting adhesive heat shrink over the coax and 1/2" or so of the barrel (AFTER the screw-on part of the connector has been slid into place!).

Neat. Secure. Functional. Durable.

Try a couple'll get the hang of it, then swear by this method as I do. Take your time.

When I get time, I'll take and post some pix of this on my website.

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