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Hey all,

I absolutely love this forum.

I've been sailing on and off since I was about 14. First with little sunfish and then J boats and now a C&C 110 and occationally a Coranodo 25:eek: I was away from it for quite a few years in the military and with life in general but have been able to sail more and more over the past few years as we're lucky enough to live about 20 min. from lake Michigan here in WI. I crew a race boat and in between that I daysail with my father-in-law's boat.

I'm a former airline pilot (furloughed not retired) and am off on my second career but my passion for flying still remains. The funny thing is is that flying and sailing are so similar it's freightening so sailing fills the void and then some and that is where I've decided to redirect my passion.

I've decided that my own boat is on the way in 3 yrs or less. The wife is on board with it and it will give me just enough time to put in the research I need to make a good purchase.

In the mean time, I just like getting on the water as much as I can, learning as much as I can via this forum and racing, and probably a couple Coast Guard or other classes until my ship comes in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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