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Hi all, I know this is pretty well-traveled territory, but I still have a question for you all. I was in WM today and they had a schematic for different bilge pump installations, including one for a sailboat like mine (Cat 30). This schematic was produced by Rule, who should to know a thing or two about bilge pumps. Anyway, in an installation for my boat, it showed a short route for the discharge hose, exiting near the rubrail midship. My question is this: If I went this way, and included a vented loop, would I still get back flow when heeled over on that side? It seems like this would cut a lot of friction loss and head out if I didn't run the hose all the way to the stern.

While we are at it, I have one more question if you don't mind. My manual bilge pump is plumbed in such a way that it includes a 3-way valve which allows manual pumping of the waste tank overboard. Is this normal? I would like to eliminate the 3-way and just plumb the manual pump to serve for bilge only.


Thanks in advance, Bill
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