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I'm looking to beef up my electric bilge pump setup.

Right now, I have a Rule 500 with the integrated float switch.
I know these pumps have a bad reputation, but mine's worked flawlessly for many years.

Mainly I want to replace it because it's low capacity and it has to pump a long way, which just exacerbates the problem. I'm probably only getting 250-300 gph.

These days, I keep seeing these Johnson (and West Marine brand) "cartridge pumps". The idea is that if the motor craps out, you can very quickly, snap in a replacement motor cartridge. To be clear, it's not a filter cartridge, it's the motor that is the cartridge.

Anyone have experience with these? Are they crap?
What about Johnson pumps in general?
What about Rule non-float switch pumps?

Basically, I'm at a toss-up between these two:
Johnson 1600 gph (not a cartridge pump though)

Rule 2000gph Non-Auto

I'll be using a Water Witch electrical, non-float bilge pump switch.

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IMO Rule still builds the most reliable submersible centrifugal pumps available, at any price. I can't think of any good reason to have any other pump as my primary bilge pump, if I wanted a submersible, centrifugal pump.
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