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I'm quite surprised the rule would pump thru the jabisco and the check valve downstream of it. As mentioned the regular centrifugal bilge pumps do not generate a lot of pressure. When you say "small" rule are you saying 2000+ gpm or less than 1000 gpm?

Sabre, sometimes check valves are necessary but selection is very important.
In my case, my discharge port is just below the toerail. For a vented loop to work it has to be above the discharge.
Without some sort of check valve the water will run back down the hose and back to the bilge. With an automatic pump this will cause unnecessary cycling and eventually drain the battery (been there, done that)

McMaster has a check valves with cracking pressures as low as .3 psi (less than 1ft head) I've used them for years. Of course, right now I'm fighting the bilge pump in my "new to me" boat that has a swing gate check and only a 500 gph pump. That's just not big enough to pump thru the check, thru roughly 12' of hose and up 4-5' out of the boat. I get either a small trickle or nothing out of the pump.

Time to go shopping.

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