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Bimini mounted solar panels with twin backstays?

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I would like to mount a solar panel on the bimini, but am concerned that the one or the other of the twin backstays will cast a shadow on the panel most of the day. I'm hoping that there is some expertise or experience out there that might help me understand what I might expect in the way of panel output degradation from this shadowing.

The panel under consideration would be one of the semi-flexible ones such as the Solbian.

Thanks, Bruce
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How thick are your backstays, anyway? I'd expect the shadow of a wire to be a small part of any cell it crosses, and an even smaller part of the entire panel. You don't want to shade a whole cell in a series configuration, but a wire's shadow shouldn't affect too much. The mast, maybe, but not so much a stay.

(I have twin backstays, but the panels are mounted on the arch aft of them. They're between a WiFi antenna, HF antenna (longwire from the arch-mounted tuner to the masthead) and a HF-DSC whip on the other side. Except for the WiFi and its mounting post (originally intended for a Wind Generator, hence the size), the others are all pretty thin shadows.

Or just keep the boat's stern toward the sun and voila, no shading!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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