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Wow! 10-15 gallons over 8 h?

That's way more than a drip every 30 seconds. Being conservative one drip = 1/10 ml, so 5 minutes to make drip in 1 ml. Approx 3700 ml/gal so your looking at 18,500 minutes for a gallon. 60 minutes in a h converts to over 300 h, which is just under two weeks.

Since your saying that you're getting 10-15 gallons over 8 h, that is a pretty serious leak if you ask me and I don't think the actually SB packing is the major contributor here at 30 seconds/drip. Even if it was 1 drip every 3 seconds, your talking a gallon around 30 h. To get 10-15 g/h you'd almost need a thin steady stream of water, from the SB, to achieve those volumes. Something else is leaking also. The SB bellows hose may contributing, but probably not to significant effect.

Has it rained lately in your area? Could some of the water be from the rain? Are any thru-hulls leaking? What about your water tanks (if you have).

If the 10 -15 g/8 h is after you adjusted your SB to 30 seconds/drip, then I think it is wise to pull her and see what is going on. If you're getting a gallon or so every 8 h, then its a more difficult call. If is just packed out SB material, then I'd wait until the end of the season. If is anything that is thru-hull related such a thru-hull, seacock, or the actual SB bellows tube, I'd pull her now and fix.

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