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The Morgan 382 is a really nice boat, so long term may be the way to think. If it were me, I would grind out the few blisters there are, fill and fair them. Then I would put a barrier coat the whole boat before putting on the bottom paint(just a couple of coats, not going crazy). Why go through the trouble of the barrier coat? It will let you sleep better knowing as much as been done as possible so you will ever see another blister. Just be sure to do the coating exactly as recommended by the maker. You will likely see some at some point, but seems to me the additional cost of barrier coat is fairly minimal compared to the peace of mind.

Now if I were going to just be sailing coastal and pulling out every winter then I would just grind them out, fair them and put bottom paint on it. But if I were going to be in far off lands with unknown supplies availability I would do all I could to prevent future issues.

As I said make sure you do the prep work right and exactly as they recommend. Seems I read about lots of bad barrier coat jobs. I in fact would only do this if I were doing it myself, or a very very experienced yard, and I would be watching over there shoulders at every chance I had.
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