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I'm getting ready to go cruising for several years starting next season. We're heading to the warm waters of the Caribbean, and I've read that warm waters make blister problems worse. If I need to fix the blisters, I'd rather do it now while I'm still employed. However, I don't want to waste precious time and money on a problem that may not really be a problem.
The most complete way to eliminate them is peel and let the boat dry for several months. If you plan on hauling out for the winter, then I'd just wait and do it then.

If you pay someone to just do the peel, you can get by at <$1000 to do the peel, but you'll have to handle regular power washing, final fairing, and application of barrier coat and bottom paint. For our 30ft boat, we were quoted $700 for peeling only, $3500 for someone to manage the entire process from peel to paint. That's in FL, where such work is cheaper than up north, so YMMV.

IMO, if you plan on keeping the boat for several years and using it extensively, it's worth fixing them. If anything, you'll get better speed and won't have to worry about it. We noticed an improvement of two knots after taking down our badly blistered barrier coat. You also won't have to worry about it when you resell the boat, some buyers won't come near a boat with blisters on it.
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