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There is lots of discussion around about delamination of boat hulls...from blisters or poor layup. While I've seen quite a few people spend lots of money grinding away the fiberglass to get rid of blisters, I have, in 39 years, never actually seen a boat, sail or power, that has had a hull failure due to delamination. It would be interesting if a collection of photos from delaminated hulls could be posted on this website. Keep it simple and post only sailboats, as the typical power boat gets lots more pounding and flexing in its life. While I wouldn't want a boat with a serious blister problem, I think its been over hyped and caused lots of money to be spent that didn't need to be most cases, open up the blisters, let them dry out and fill them with a filler or epoxy, paint, and go sailing. Just the opinion of a non-expert. I'll be watching for the photos.
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