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Hi -

thought I might ask here...maybe someone knows a tip. I am dreaming a bit of someday building my own boat. I figure a good way to start would be by taking a course in boatbuilding (wooden, preferably) someplace. I have found some really nice looking schools online in the US, as well as the UK - and they even have short courses available for hobbyists like me. (I do daydream about going to school full-time, but I have a mortgage, and I like eating too much.)
Problem is: I live in Germany. I will fly to the US for training if I have to, but if I ever built a small boat there, it would probably have to stay there. (I assume transport costs would be more than my first little boats would be worth....any information the the contrary would be kinda cool.) It would be great to find a place within about 5 or 6 hours drive, where I could go often....without flights and all that.
Just a note: yes - I do speak German, and could probably get by in Italian as well (Italy is within my range)....
Does anybody know of a school offering courses for punters like me?

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