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Thanks Dave, I certainly will mention your name when we call them.

1. Our next priority is our Yanmar diesel engine. The engine blew the head gasket last year and ran to ground by a delviery Captain from West Coast. Since then, the engine was never the same.

We need to a compression test. We may need to rebuild or replace the engine.

2. Need to have some gel coat repairs on the boat (nicks and dings)

3. Varnishing on the deck

Although Jabin has more than 200 contract professionals in their yard, I do intend to shop around to get the best deal for the owner.

Thanks for the heads up. :)

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You can also ask

Keith Mayes of Annapolis yacht sales.

He doesn't do the work but they do use a lot of other folks to shine up boats for showing. He also knows a good gel coat guy.

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Bay Shore Marine is pretty well regarded.

For the gelcoat and varnishing work I'd like to bid.
Thank you so much.

Since I have known of you on Sailnet, I will remove myself from the decision process. I will just pass your info to Captain B for him to talk to you directly.

BTW it is not Gelcoat but LP.

Please kindly give me your contact number via PM, and I will make sure he will contact you before he leaving town.
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