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The boat inspection trip tips remains thoughtful, timeless advice. A good reminder of the responsibility anyone with limited resources should accept when looking for a used boat. It is also a reminder of how much time it will take. I got tired just reading it!

I suspect few brokers expect such lengthy pre-survey inspections.

I suggest it makes sense, if you are scheduling to visit a boat, that you inform the broker or seller that your inspection will take "quite some time." Explain that you will not do any heavy handed, invasive or damaging testing (ice pick, drill, etc.), but you plan to take your time. Offer that they can surely wait or leave you with the boat and you will call them when you are finished. Otherwise, they might expect you are going to "just look it over before deciding on a survey" and after a while, start putting pressure on you to finish up.

Even if they have nothing to hide, they may well have other things scheduled for their day. Having a clear expectation at the onset is important.
That's some good advice as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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