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Re: Boat inspection trip to & help wanted in Englewood FL (Port Charlotte/Sarasota)

Rather than spending a minor fortune on plane tickets, rental car, hotel et al, (even though you may be curious enough to want to see the boat first hand) it might be wiser to have a "valuation survey" by an independent surveyor beforehand. This is not a complete detailed inspection but enough of one to give you an idea of whether it's really worth going forward or not; and, if so, a follow up can get to the more detailed items without much additional cost as much of the work will already have been done. A valuation survey in the area currently runs in the range of $12/ft such that a survey of the boat you have in mind would be, roughly, $420.00.

A good local surveyor is Mike Davenport, AMS, P.O. Box 5486, Sarasota, FL 34277. Phone: 941-366-0888, Toll free: 800-417-0888, Fax: 941-955-5661. He can be reached at [email protected]. Mr. Davenport did our most recent insurance survey and did a good (if somewhat picky) job for us and is often employed by other surveyors for inspection of their own boats.

Think about it....
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