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Hi everyone,

First off, my apologies. I did check out the local boat buying assistance thread, but I'm not able to send PMs yet and didn't see anyone listed for this neck of the woods (it's a good hour south of Tampa/St Pete.)

I'm heading down to Englewood, FL (in between Sarasota & Ft Meyers) on the weekend of the 10/17 to take a look at a Bristol 35 for sale that will hopefully be my first boat and new home. She's on the hard, and I already know she needs paint and cushions, and a lot of cleaning, but otherwise she's supposedly in good, solid, seaworthy shape.

However I don't have much experience checking out boats, and can't really justify paying 1/4+ of the cost of the boat for a full survey. So, I have my copy of Don Casey's Inspecting the Aging Sailboat, but I'm really hoping to find someone with more experience whose brain I can pick.

I'd love to either find someone who's willing to come along and lend me their eyes & experience in exchange for gas/lunch/bar tab/etc, or barring that I'd be grateful for any recommendations of someone trustworthy I could hire in the area who would do a decent inspection with me for something reasonable (say under $500).

If anybody's in a position to help or can recommend somebody that I should reach out to I'd appreciate it.

Happy sailing!

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