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I'm running costs on boat ownership and have found that at least one company (Progressive) won't insure boats over 35 feet. Does anyone know if this is a standard breakpoint? Is there a disproportionate jump in rates for boats over 35 feet? I'm looking in the 30-37 foot range and if anything over 35 is going to be a premium rate that might help narrow the search.
In my limited experience the availablity of insurance depended more on my previous boat ownership than any arbatrary length measurement. With only limited boating experience on my families 18' runabout and zero sailing experience, I had to shop a bit to find insurance for our Oday 322. After owning that boat 3 years, I had no problem at all getting quotes for over a 1/2 dozen carriers when we moved up to our Catalina 36.

I bought my current policy through Hartge and have been very pleased with the service thus far.

Hartge Insurance Associates - We Specialize In Your Unique Insurance Needs
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