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I recently purchased insurance for our 39' sailboat, our first boat. The best deal was by far thru my home and auto insurance company Nationwide, thru their subsidiary Allied. They do boat and yacht insurance. I had to check and check that I was comparing apples to apples but in the end I got a policy that covered all the bases for $350 per year less.

They wanted to know my boating experience and what classes I had taken. I faxed them a copy of courses completed thru sailing schools and applicable first aid certification and coast guard auxillary class for navigation.

If I had not gotten such a good deal thru Nationwide I would have gone with Boat US. Boat US certainly wins the award for the most easily read policy and I have never heard much bad about them. No matter who insures your boat, make sure they know you have a diesel engine if you have one. When my printed policy arrived I noticed it had me as having gasoline, I called them up, they changed it and are sending a substantial refund.

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