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Anyone contemplating this should go in armed with knowledge. If you are receiving any compensation at all, you can be liable for any and all accidents of any kind.

First thing is to have a licensed captain in charge of the boat. Without a licensed captain, no insurance in the world is going to help you in any way.

Second, get yourself and/or your boat listed as a named insured on the photographers liability insurance. This does two things. One, it verifies that the photographer does indeed have liability insurance ($1 million minimum) and second, it gives you direct access to the insurance for claims purposes which is a very good thing. You might also consider requiring a deposit for the insurance deductable amount.

Models can be very flaky people, photographers can be very demanding people; who knows what might happen to them in the course of the shoot. Plenty of people with no experience hanging out on your boat at sea, distracted by the business at hand, can lead to injury and/or damage.
Very wise advise from Xtort and especially the liability concerns -- worthy of serious consideration! My first impression reading the request was that this sounded like someone trying to build their portfolio and not truly a professional shoot.
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