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Slightly OT.

When I bought Shiva in 1985 in CT and lived in NY I was advised to have the boat documented. I believe I hired an agent at the time to do it. Documentation has been renewed since then.

Apparently several states decided that registration was a good idea. To register you had to show that sales tax was paid. I believe if it was paid in one state regardless of where the boat was registered you did not have to pay the sales tax a second time.

I am guessing that many people bought boats out of state where they live and sales tax was not collected... as this was up to the seller. So many people who make high cost purchases in a low or no tax state and pay little or no tax. Vendors cooperated with this because they wanted sales and the burden of collecting, reporting and paying sales tax.

Now states seem to be looking for ways to collect taxes.. an reg fees. So if the boat remains in their waters for X number of days it requires their state's registration. For a boat which winters in one state and summers in another this sounds like you nee 2 state registrations!

The entire thing is a cluster**** (because of "states rights).
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