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Well, besides what you are listing:
Dogs are considered either a threat to agriculture and national safety, or a menu item, or an unclean animal that must not be touched by decent humans, respectively, in almost all of the countries you are listing.
I.e., most would think that the people living on a boat with a dog are freaky weirdos; not a good way to get the locals' respect.

A cat might be better, but is not really a boat animal. They hate being wet, and don't swim that well.

Why don't you pick up something local?

A crow maybe? At immigration, you can always put it on the rail, if someone asks, it's not yours. Just landed there. And they are definitely smarter and more fun than a dog. You just need to get a crow chick.

A baby monitor lizard will also eat anything, and they swim very well.
With a monitor lizard, people will also take you for a weirdo, but not worse than with a dog. :)

Once you are in Indonesia, you can get absolutely anything: Monkey, bear, tiger, primate, baby rhino, snake, stick insect. Just don't expect to be able to import it anywhere else.

And seriously: I don't think a pet on a boat is a great idea at all.

Good luck!

G'day Sailnetters,

Has any cruiser had one? I'm thinking pretty simply here. Like a newborn cat, or the remote possibility of a small breed of pup.

- Eat the things on boats that attract other unwanted pests.
- Great company for me when the miss'us is asleep.
- Great company for her when she's awake and jealous of me being off watch.

- Customs in Australia, Timor, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.
- The general well being of the pet and the added hassle of it's health.
- Our attachment to it were it to be put down or caged by authorities.

Experiences, evidence, opinion, comment, flaming, and trolling are all welcome.


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I absolutely HATE boaters that allow their pets to roam the dock or run around unleashed. There, I feel better.

I think some believe that everyone has the same love for their creature as they do and many humans are mentally disturbed enough to think their pets act, think or have wants like humans. Just look at how pet food is sold. Its entirely designed to appeal to the human.

Dogs lick their butts and roll in dead animals. Then dopey humans find it all cuddly when the dog licks their face.

I actually like dogs, but have boundaries. :)
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