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would a boat report be worth the $30 ?will it tell history of sales, accidents, claims etc.? Or can people hide stuff from being reported? I ask because with the stains that look like water damage from what i'm gathering and possible hull damage i would like to find info on the damage it might have suffered in the past.
I might pay $5 for one BEFORE the sale, but that's about it. I believe that it would show any history of insurance claims for said vessel by HIN. The report would not count any damage that was not reported to the insurance company. People could easily hide damage from being reported by simply not reporting damage to the vessel, and/or not filing a claim, with the insurance company.

If you suspect hull damage to your vessel, either hire a surveyor, or have a knowledgeable boat owner friend come and look at the vessel and the suspect area. It is fairly easy to peel back the hull liner, or look behind the lockers, and spot repairs to fiberglass from the inside of the hull.
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