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Hi Members:

Hope I am doing this correctly, and in the correct sub forum, as I just joined.

Looking for a 30+ - 40+ foot sail boat recommendation, cutter preferred, but can modify, about $50K total, or thereabouts. Needs to be a voyaging and fun sailing boat, capable of sailing in light winds, but not a go fast at all costs speedster, with aux power for the two of us (we like each other & want to like one another while sailing and voyaging and when done in a few years). Based in a slip on Maui.

Me brief: cruised 4 years (92-96 from SF to Florida on a Gurney 35, 1961 built RORC masthead sloop, racer cruiser, wood, that we rebuilt 91-91. Helped deliver w/ three souls a Wylie 39 from Sausalito to Honolulu, < 13 day crossing. Have owned and sailed a folkboat & Bodega 30 (both too small for this plan), Hans Christian 38T (too slow) plus the Gurney (just right except too low freeboard, and wood hull/cabin - wood, gorgeous and sweet sailing but too much maintenance in tropics.

Several years ago Jeff_H, in a Schock/Santana thread (there is a Santana 37 for sale on Oahu), suggested
Frers 36
Farr11.6 (Farr 38)
Farr 1104
Soverel 39 and
Tripp 36

Looking for more comfort than a J-35 and most of these, for what that's worth. Opening ports/great ventilation for tropics, skeg rudder, sleepable sized cockpit etc etc. Any other suggestions that might be available in the plastic or aluminum markets? Thots, ideas, gaffs, pleasurable insults all much appreciated. Thanks

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First thing to do is try to get a slip in Maui I believe the wait time is in the tens of years. Once you get that finding a boat is easy. You might see if you can find any boat with a transferable slip.

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