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My husband ( the sailor) and I looked at what felt like a million boats this weekend. He's the technical guy, I'm about the aesthetics. He is asking for my opinion on a couple of boats, though truthfully he has fallen for a Morgan and that is what we will probably be making an offer on...BUT...

Our area is heavy on Hunters and Beneteaus. Morgan's are a bit rarer around here so while we are looking for back up boats, I'd like some opinions from those who are knowledgable to see if my impressions are correct or whether I am way off and maybe going by my first impression isn't the best course of action since I know nothing about sailing.

We are looking for a cruiser capable of handling blue water in the 38-44' range.There will be two adults sailing with a child on board. We will be sailing the next year in the Carribbean with the very real possibility of taking the boat to Europe with us when we move. I want something that is sturdy enough to handle weather but comfortable enough to live on for 8-9 months at a stretch. It also needs to be fairly easy to handle though I understand that equipment can always be added to make life easier on board.

My initial impression of Hunters is that if we were looking for a comfortable coastal cruiser or a dockside weekend home this would be a good choice. I did get the feeling that this might not be the best choice to handle weather and while the interiors are light and spacious, they don't feel as if performance is Hunters priority. If anyone has owned a Hunter and has a different opinon, I would love to hear about it.

As for Beneteaus, these feel like they are all about performance but might not be comfortable for family cruising. Again, this is just my initial impression and I am really looking for an education from those who have been there, done that.

I understand that a survey and sea trial will tell us a lot more, but I'd rather hear from people who have actually spent a fair bit of time on these boats. i don't know how good of a feel I will get for a boat with just a 6 hour sea trial.


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I can’t comment on any of them from first hand experience, but from lots of listening to others it sounds like you have a good general understanding of them.

I guess I’d be keeping an eye on resale values if this is a relatively short duration cruise plan…like two or three years.
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