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We've been in the Connecticut River for years and have fortunately have not had any trouble with boat security. We've done both dock and mooring and enjoy the mooring option much better and particularly so with the potentially strong tidal flows in the lower CT River (docking can be tricky at times depending on when and where).

Old Lyme Marina runs a launch service for their mooring customers so that's another option vs. a dinghy of getting on/off the boat if their hours of operation meet your needs. As Bill previously mentioned, behind Calves Island is a nice mooring field and <mostly> wake-free unlike some other CT River locations.

The only challenges for us are the sometimes large wakes, tides and railroad bridge which can all conspire to add discomfort and a bit of time on a day trip out to the Sound (and sometimes it works the other way with a fair tide and a nice boost although that's not likely much of a factor for you).

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