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Congratulations! This may or may not help you, since our situation was a little different, but I'll post about our experience, just in case it provides an option to you or others:

My wife and I just got married just less than a year ago, and we already had most of the traditional "home" things for which people register traditionally. We weren't terribly comfortable with the idea all the gifts, but if people were going to buy us a gift, we thought it made sense it be something that we'd really enjoy or could use. We did not yet own a boat. So we decided instead to register for our sailing honeymoon, which was two weeks on a bareboat.

It was all online, and we posted "items" that guests could purchase, which were things they'd enjoy give us and we'd enjoy receiving, like dinner out in a specific honeymoon destination, or a bottle of wine for a picnic. Folks seemed to enjoy participating in our trip, and we really applied every dollar for what we posted, except where a destination changed because of weather. While ours was a bareboat charter, one could use this option for many other types of registries.

Again, might not help you exactly, but I thought I'd throw it out there, just in case, for your or others.
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