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Boats for Antarctica

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Hi everyone, recently I have been wondering about the requirements for a boat sailing in Antarctica. It looks like most of the boats down there are built with aluminium or steel. I was surprised to see that a lot of of them relatively exposed helm stations, and was even more surprised to see that some even had spade rudders. I assumed boats sailing in Antarctica would have a skeg hung rudder to protect against submerged ice. I have gathered that it is possible for grp/wooden boats to sail around there, provided the skipper is experienced and the boat is properly equipped. So, my question is, considering the boats that sail down there, would it be crazy for someone to bring a modern fin keel, spade rudder grp boat down to Antarctica? A good example of the type of boat I am talking about is the RM 1360 (although it's built with plywood and epoxied over, and I would post a picture but it says I have to post at least 10 times before I can)
Thanks in advance for any answers.
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Well it really depends on how long you intend to be down there. If you are just passing past the capes, then I think that would work. Would not be my first choice, but I am a bit more traditional in taste. But if you are going to spend much time down there take a look at Skip's videos in the Yachting World series. If you plan on doing extensive time down there then yes I think it would make sense to look at a purpose built boat, or at least something with some protection. I would want someplace to get out of the inevitable weather at least.
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