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I'm looking at a 1981 Newport 30 mark 2 as a potential purchase.

I've read that the keel bolts in these boats were completely covered with a resin and asbestos mixture and should not be visible or accessible in any way.

During my diy serve I looked in the bilge next to the dinette table and found 6 rusty bolt heads. 3 on either side of the center line of the boat about 8 inches apart. I believe this is directly over the keel and can't think of what they would be other then keel bolts but I'm not an experienced sailer so I'm looking for input.
What are these bolts for? did they stop encapsulating the keel bolts on these boats for some reason?

If anyone has a Newport 30 phase 2 and can look in the center bilge next to the table and tell me if they have any visible bolts or take a picture I would greatly appreciate it.
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