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Not sure if this is the right section, but here's hoping :)

As is assumed; I'm into sailboats and enjoy sailing. I also like reading about sailboats, history, and enjoy reading why things are the way they are. I just finished reading "Warships of the Great Lakes 1754-1834" by Robert Malcomson. For Canadian Naval History, it was a solid read.

Though I've been reading quite a bit too much history lately and want to get in touch with modern (or even non-modern) design philosophies.

If anyone knows any solid, readily-available books I could pick up on sail design, keel design, overall sailboat design, etc. I'm all for it!

I tried to see if I could get a copy of "100 Small Boat Sail Rigs" by Philip Bolgers (I think?), but the cheapest copy I can find is 83$, and that's a no go.

I'm in Canada, Ontario if that matters.

Thanks, guys!
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