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Having some curiosity about boom furling systems, I have talked to quite a few crews on the mega sailboats on which they are common. They are not well liked by those I've spoken to, with one of the main complaints being someone must be at the gooseneck to feed the cars up the track (and down) to insure none get hung up. This would pretty much preclude singlehanded operation, if all systems can have this problem.
These are top of the line boats with budgets which allow them to have the very best of everything aboard, and professional crews who one would think could operate the equipment properly, so I'll pretty much given in boom furling a pass, thanks.
Still, I'm gonna guess most of those crews on 100+ footers prefer some sort of boom furling to hoisting or flaking and covering a conventional main :) And, the systems I'm familiar with would not be using "cars" on a track for an in-boom system for a 40-footer, just a simple bolt rope going into a pre-feeder...

Leisure-Furl had some teething problems in the beginning, but they've got it sorted out pretty nicely now, it's a pretty slick system once you come to appreciate its subtleties/idiosyncracies.. Whenever I'm running a boat over about 45 feet, I'm always happy if it has a L-F...

I wouldn't go with a motor-driven mandrell, however... I'd suggest the more conventional rope downhaul system, instead...
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