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My main boom ends over the bridge deck, has bronze hardware on both sides.
They often do ;). Ours has the added advantages of being very low to the deck (not near enough room to get a bimini under, for example) and having a Spinlock cleat on the bottom that is just perfectly located to nail your skull if you're not careful transiting the companionway, or your back when transiting the side-decks and the boom's out.

I'm concerned that a real whack will crack someone's skull.
It might. Or it might do what it did to a sailor at the club where Abracadabra used to be: Break their neck and kill them instantly.

I'm sorry: There's just no substitute for watching out for the boom. We had a n00b on the boat yesterday. I told him: "First two safety rules: 1. That is the boom. Know where it is, and where it can possibly go, in relation to you, at all times. It can injure, permanently maim or kill you. 2. One hand for the boat, one hand for you."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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