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Bottle holders for cockpit

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I know this is trivial but I need to mount a few pop BOTTLE holders (not cans...nobody uses cans anymore do they) in the cockpit. I don't drink coffee but drink a lot of pop (soda for those in New Engand). I need a bottle next to me for a large part of the day. Any suggestions and no suction cup style for I constantly hear they don't hold well. I would like something possibly with the base permanently mounted but able to remove the cup holder section if possible. Everything online shows a can with a hugger on it. UGH! I haven't used a hugger for over 10 years but if I have to start for the boat I can change. :)
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Wow, you and I must live in completely different worlds.
We go to a great deal of trouble, and in some cases extra expense, to limit the bottles aboard our boat and especially on certified passenger carrying vessels I've operated. Guests and passengers often don't have the forethought to realize that a bottle isn't going to necessarily stay where the put it, like at home.
Cans can be shrunk (crushed) before being put in the garbage; bottles cannot. Cans don't break when dropped or fall off a table or counter, sending glass shards underfoot. Cans or plastic containers weigh significantly less than bottles, too. Cans can be packed together without any worry about breaking, etc.; well, you get the idea.
I was overjoyed when mayo, mustard, ketchup and many other common items switched to plastic bottles. I'm finding even the plastic bottles are moving aside for the vacuum packed condiments, which are even lighter, with less waste.
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