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Be wary of taking advice from owners of 30+ year old boats. FRP chemistry has changed a lot since then. Your 2-year-old boat is different from theirs.

Sometime in the 1990s, most boat manufacturers changed their FRP chemistry from polyester to vinyl ester. This greatly reduced the occurrence of osmotic blisters, which may make the application of a barrier coat unnecessary. Did your dealer apply a barrier coat?

My advice: DO NOT SAND until you've checked your hull warranty. For a 2012 boat, you are probably still under warranty, and sanding may void your warranty. If sanding voids your warranty, you would want to apply a sandless primer. I use the Interlux sandless primer. Read the instructions carefully - you need to apply the bottom paint while the primer is tacky. Also, NEVER SPRAY SANDLESS PRIMER. Airborne isocyanates will kill you.

I'd suggest a spot repair of the bare spots. De-wax with solvent, apply sandless primer per instructions, apply bottom paint while the primer is tacky. Each year you'll have less bare spots as the sandless primer fixes the adhesion problems. Unless you race, the uneven spots in your bottom paint will have no noticeable effect.
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