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When we were in New England and hauling the boat every winter, I would just apply a single coat of very thinned out cheapest ablative paint I could find that year. This lasted for the season with no barnacles, but a lot of scum and moderate soft growth that pressure-washed right off (along with most of any remaining paint) at haul out. Repeat the following spring.

Now, we apply 3 coats of quality ablative because we are in warm waters and only haul every 2-3yrs. At the end of this time, there is little paint remaining on the boat, and I just tell the pressure-washer operator to have a real go at it when hauling out. This takes off almost all the paint, and some light sanding gets the barnacle foots off and keys it up enough for new paint. The last few months before I haul out, I will also be aggressive when cleaning the bottom, and this removes paint.

In certain areas, labor rates are so low that we will hire people to wet-sand the bottom, and this will definitely remove all the paint.

The PO of our boat used hard paint for many years, and we took off 400lbs of it when we had it soda blasted. I will never go back to hard paint.

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