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I've had my eye on it for 2 years now. I could really use the added control docking on windy days. My bow gets pushed down fast.
Much easier install than a tunnel. On my to do list. Spoke to them at the annapolis boat show last fall. Looks like quality construction. Will cost me about $6k w/ me doing the install.
Have several friends w/ thrusters that love having one but haven't met anyone yet that has the Exturn
$6k installed seems high for that sort of unit. There are a couple of traveling companies that will install a conventional for $7.5K. Florida Bow Thrusters quoted about that to drive from Florida to Lake Michigan to do one on my boat. I've opted for local installation instead. If you ever hit something with that external unit your boat might start to leak. Might also be an issue if you lift your boat out on slings.

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