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We have the appropriate charts, compass, radio, AIS, RADAR, and a small screen chart-plotter. We only do coastal cruising, east coast of Canada and North east of the USA.

I have been playing with two different moving map apps on my iPad and would like to mount the iPad at the helm of our 34 sailboat to make use of the large screen and the much more up-to-date charts.

I am looking for suggestions as to a mounting bracket and possible water proof housing.

  • I would first of all like to hear from any of you with a sailboat that are currently using an iPad at the helm.
  • 2ndly, those of you who have researched it and are contemplating it and
  • lastly - the usual bunch of curmudgeons who say all you need is a compass, your wet finger to see what way the winds is blowing and a wooden bucket for a head.
Here is the current configuration:


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I use my IPad with the EarthNC app. I bought a lifeproof case at bestbuy, and so far it works great. The only issue is charging (have to take it below).

I used industrial Velcro tape to fasten the whole thing to my pedestal. Easy peasy

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