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*Sees a Morris, jaw hits floor*

Seriously, those are some beautiful boats. I'm in love. Keep em coming guys

My only reality check about those Morris yachts is that from my humble observation they seem to be aimed almost solely at the gentleman daysailer, and not a true long haul cruising. They just look cramped inside and lack some of the industriousness that I see in the Island Packets which seem to be aimed solely at cruisers with things like showers, large tankage, bulky bowspirits supporting 2 anchors, etc. It would be a crime against humanity to put a dingy or a lot of ground hardware on those Morrisses
There are Morris yachts and Morris yachts. They have made some gorgeous boats that could be used for extended cruising if you wanted to. If you are looking new, consider Amel. They are very near the top of our list of serious cruising monohulls. BTW, if you can afford a new Amel (or Morris) the amount of depreciation in the first few years is probably not a big financial issue.
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