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1. Will the steel hull bounce off anything? Or could it potentially puncture?
It can puncture.
2. Will foam against the inside of the hull help keep the boat afload incase it punctures? Does foam affect the quality of the air in the confined space of a boat?
3. If the boat turns upside down, will it 100% deffinately right itself? What if the wheelhouse is not air tight?
4. If the boat turns upside down, will the weight of the boat burst the windows?
Don’t know, depends upon can construction.
5. How often do boats really turn upside down? What are the odds of it happening. Aside from avoiding seriously bad weather and huge swell, what else can be down to minimise capsize risk?
Not often. Read about “active social storm measures” such as drogues. Tons has been written. Pardys for one.
6. Can I register this boat in Australia. Will its qualify as compliant?
No clue.

Twin keels is bad in ice, funnels ice into prop.

Search yachtworld for a Murray 33. Take a look at that boat. Prude.

Then we can talk.
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