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I'd suggest a 'prussik sling' attachment to the rode ... the sling is just an endless loop of either rope or tubular webbing, the total length of the 'sling' is small so that you wind up with a small section of loop available to attach the bridle line.

The prussik sling and bridle then pulled tight under the bow so that the prussik connect is AT the waterline at the bow. One typically needs hawse holes or chocks well back from the bow to so this.
The advantages will be that a boat that 'sails' on its anchor will have a greatly dampened motion at anchor, sometimes no swinging motion at all; and/plus you will have a greater scope advantage since the rode is not directly attached to the stem but the bow's waterline

Here's the sling-prussik... use 3 or more 'wraps' on the rode:

Here's how the bridle works:
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