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I have a 1980 29.9, hull nbr. 168. This is a centerboard boat and I have been taking measurements of the rig with a view to ordering a new mainsail. I checked my measurements against specifications for the rig I found online, and was surprised to find there was a different rig size specified for a centerboard boat versus the standard rig, with a shorter mast and longer boom for the centerboard version. However, measuring my rig I see that it is a standard rig.

Does anyone know if the centerboard rig was dropped by Bristol or if it was just an option that the buyer could choose? It doesn't make much difference to my sail order, but I am curious.

FYI, the online numbers I found are:
Centerboard: I dimension 36.2 ft, E dimension 12.9 ft.
Standard: I dimension 37.5 ft, E dimension 11.3 ft

Eric Irvine

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It's quite possible that the taller rig was an option for the buyer at the time.

I suppose it's also possible the rig was replaced by a previous owner at some point and went with the 'standard' rig. In any event, it's always best to have the sailmaker measure the rig for best results.

If you're planning to order on-line, however, it will be up to you. I'd suggest submitting slightly smaller measurements (by an inch or two) to ensure you don't end up with a sail that won't quite tension properly. The loss of sail area would be negligible, but having a sail that won't set right will be a constant thorn.
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I know that Bristol offered a 'tall rig' as an option; it looks like just the mast is taller:

Tall rig:
I: 40.00' (vs. 37.5)
J: 11.25'
P: 34.50'
E: 11.25'

I'd love the extra canvas on those light air days in New England!

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