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Bristol 45.5

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I have been looking at used baots in the 40 ft range and found a Bristol 45.5 center cockpit, 1983 model sloop, that seems to be in excellent condition. The broker said the owner has an "open checkbook" policy about keeping it maintained. It looks practically new. Any input on these boats would be appreciated. My wife and I plan to live on board and eventually head offshore for parts uknown.
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NukaHiva Living aboard a Bristol 45.5

I own a 1990 45.5 center cockpit and find it to be a great living boat. It sails great and is comfortable. I don't live on it year round but we take extended family trips. Wife, 3 small children, baby sitter(s) and a yellow lab.

The aft cabin is great. The only reservation I have is that the bunk is not a center line bunk and if you are a bit over 6' tall and your wife is 5' 10" or taller, the bunk may be a bit short. The pulman (sp?) bunk requires one to crawl over the other to get out and making the bunk is harder than a center line bunk.

I have never been a fan of the Hood stowaway main system, if yours doesn't have one it's a plus. The system works but sail shape is terrible since there are no battens.

Our boat has a cherry interior vs mahoghany and looks great. The nav station is very functionable and depending on electronics makes single handling very easy.

If you have any other questions, let me know.
First time on. Didn't look at the date until after I sent it.
I figured problem...just thought I'd save ya some time! Welcome aboard!!
but thanks for replying - we're looking at this boat, as well.
About time someone responded to poor Nuka !
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