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Hey -

So when I was out sailing the other day I was heading downwind with a preventer on my boom, and messed up and trimmed the main slightly. I didnt feel any resistance, but the boom instantly popped off the mast. All the rivets holding the track that the boom slides onto ripped out or broke in half. So I need to fix this, and was wondering if just having the track riveted to the mast is correct, or if it should in fact be welded. It seems like a point that would take a lot of stress, even when not handled like an idiot ;). I have aspirations to do ocean sailing some day, so would like to make sure I repair this well. I could just rivet it back to the mast as the holes are fine, but I don't want to have the same thing happen again one of these days when I can't motor back in easily. Any advice?
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