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Broken Outboard Mount

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Recently tried launching the boat when the water was too low and ended up smashing up the adjustable bracket that holds the outboard to the transom. Seems like just the bracket was affected so I need to replace it. The boat is a 1975 Macgregor Venture and the outboard was a 1986 Evinrude 9.9.

Are these brackets universal or specific to the boat or engine? I was planning on searching ebay or craigslist but didnt know if I needed a specific type. Anyone have a cheap one lying around I can take off your hands? :)

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Universal.... Just make sure to get a heavy duty one to support that 9.9 ob
Universal.... Just make sure to get a heavy duty one to support that 9.9 ob
I second Honda 4S 8HP sits on a bracket that is designed for a 2 stroke. It is a ***** to lift it up....the springs add no ummmph to the lifting process and I have to be careful when lowering. I have a rope running from the bracket and around the tiller post just to take some of the strain. I will replace with a new one next season but will have to cut some access holes to get to the inside nuts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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