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I'm interested purchasing a small sailboat for my wife and I to sail around on the lakes in my area. I am an experienced small boat sailor [ sailboards, Hobie 16, Force 5]. My last boat was a Force 5, a blast to sail single, but too small for the wife too, so I sold it. These 2 boats are available in my area[sort of] and I have not sailed [ or seen]either yet. Looking for a lively day sailer with a bit of comfort [sit in not on] The Buccaneer is a freshwater boat that has had little use [$900 w/ trailer] . The C-15 looks rougher , but has sails and a mast/boom from a newer boat [ $600 w/ trailer] A C-Lark 14 is also a possibility, but is 5 hours away and $1000. anyone have any experience with any of these boats? which would you choose? I know actually getting out on the water with the boat would be best, but the Coronado is pretty far away and I would have to meet owner half way.
Our local yacht club has a racing class for the Buccaneer 18s. They look like they are relatively roomy - yet a lot of fun.
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