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buddhist ashram sailing adventure for those serious about not only the physical vo

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The sailing vessel Absolute Absolution is looking for crew from
Panama into the Pacific and beyond. This zen buddhist ashram sailing
adventure is for those serious about not only the physical voyage in
life but also the spiritual one. There is one or two months of
preparation, but crew efforts could result in an earlier sailing date.
Please visit and read our history before applying.
Must share food expenses and pay cost of your own visas. Thank you,
Poppa Neutrino
Interested parties please email [email protected]
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Is this one of those deals where you're charged for every minute for you spend in Nirvana?
W.....T.......F............. I was afraid of that

Why is it that people that honestly want to do something positive in this world so often end up making themselves look silly in the process. And yes, I am being kind because I sympathize with their beliefs and desires.
AAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! (repeat 20 times, feel better?) that seriously a bi-plane ketch rigged catamaran????
Entirely apart from the wacky nature of their site -- their boat the Son of Town Hall makes this one look all spit and polish -- I am curious. Their catamaran has complete rigs side by side. It has to be pretty hard to get out of the wind shadow of each other, but is there any legitimate vessel that has tried this with any success?

Yes, it has been quite successfully used on a lot of smaller catamarans, especially ones that don't have a substantial bridgedeck to support a mast. It is usually called a bi-plane rig for obvious reasons.

Upwind, the rig suffers from the problems of wind shadowing itself... downwind the rig can be very efficient, since the sails can be flown outboard and a square sail raised between the two masts, to create a lot of sail area.
Lots of people die out in the ocean. Don't get too happy and forget the dangers.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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