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Hi everyone, im in the process of rebuilding a '76 sabre 28 (with leaky windows, arent they all when old) and with the high cost of windows or ports came up with a pretty cheap alternative that looks good and should be quite tough and hold up well.

I searched high and low on the net and had trouble finding ideas for building up your own windows, most of what i came up with was just the old "screw some acrylic to the cabin top" idea, which works but, aesthetically, can be less than pleasing. My idea is not completely different, just a spin on that idea that dresses it up. I ended up using pvc trim (azek) to cut a frame and rabbet out the back to accept a piece of Makrolon polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is 3/16" and a 24" x 48" sheet cost about 75 bucks. The Azek cost 45 bucks for the 12'. I then painted the frames with Interlux perfection in snow white to shield the pvc from the uv rays as that breaks it down.

Comparatively speaking these were cheap with estimates for $300+ a piece for aluminum extrusions with lexan inserts of the same size. I plan to fasten the windows by bedding the frames in life-seal or other marine adhesive that is "lexan" friendly then forstner bit and stainless screwing then "bunging" (with azek) to fill screw holes. Let me know what you think, below are some pictures...

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