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I would love to hear your advice and hopefully hear from someone who has fabricated a stout bow eye. I've searched for photos and other info but have come up short. I did see a perfect double bow eye (1/4 plate backing and twin appx. 9/16 hoops with six 5/16 countersunk screws) on a valiant but am kicking myself for not taking photos.

I need this for anchoring to ride correctly in a blow and reduce my catenary.
My boat displaces 38,000 lbs. a Norseman 447 cutter. My bow chine is flat and about 2+ inches wide at the waterline where the eye needs to go. I plan on backing the bow eyes with a large area of 1/4 plate stainless shaped in a "vee" to match the chine inside the boat and set in a "schmoo" of epoxy. I'd like the eyes to through bolt into this backing.

There are quite strong eye bolts sold by Wichard that are rated to 17,000 lbs. but are not really what I need. I was hoping to get at least 20,000 lbs. I know -my ground tackle will fail before then but I wanted that option as well to lay to multiple rodes or shorefasts.

I would be thrilled if someone could post a photo of a nice execution of this. I will eventually figure this out but would love some input from those brighter than I.
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