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burping the recirculating water system

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I will be putting on my new fresh water pump tomorrow. i have seen stroires on here about bleeding the air out of the heat exchanger and other things to make sure you get all the air out of the system to make sure it doen't overhat. How do i go about that?
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This is only necessary if you have parts of the engine that are "above" the filler cap. Mostly if they have such a problem it is at the thermostat housing and again mostly they will have a bleed screw on the housing if bleeding is required.

Having said that, mostly the exhaust heat exchanger (which is mostly where the filler cap is located) is the higest point and the "burping" will happen by itself. All you really need to do is check the coolant after a while of running (don't open it while hot) and top it up.

Sorry about the repeated "mostly" but without knowing what engine etc. you have it's difficult to be specific.
Universal M-12. Thanks for the info
Sorry, that engine is outside of my scope of specific knowledge. Maybe other Universal users will have better info.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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