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Probably a mistake. Theres more steel than 2000$ worth there even if you brought it to the scrap metal yard! Maybe 20 000$ ? That sounds like a good deal, if the welds are sound. Get it X-rayed (doesnt detect slag intrusion, but ultra-sounds would) .Or ask the guy who did the job to run a few beads for you, see if hes doing a good job, but that's just an idea. Did he really spend 100K on that? I dont know, maybe 2 years ago, but with metal prices nowadays it might be different. I would love a steel hull! Bernard Moitessier fell for them, especially after racing the southern ocean. They'll last forever if well taken care for. And you'll rip through alot of stuff before it ruptures, even more so than aluminum. Steel rocks! (From a welder, ahah!). Btw, any of you have ever seen a copper-nickel alloy hull? It is the material to beat, IMO(Well, not pricewise!). I think carbon fiber is just "Bling Bling". Hit it with a good hammer swing, and see what happens! Ahahah!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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