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Don''t know of a book or web site but I just bought a new 26'' sailboat--alot of the costs are still fresh in my mine. Many of the costs will be dependent on what comes with the boat and what needs to be replaced. Here is a list (probably abbreviated since I have tried to block out of my brain alot of the money that I have spent)
*Winter Storage (if you live up north like me)
*Sales Tax (when you buy the boat, if your state has a sales tax, for me almost 6%--not insignificant)
*Registation/Documentation fees
*Outboard motor (if you are buying a smaller boat)--if you buy an inboard there are the costs of upkeep and if you live up north--wintering.
*Life jackets and other saftey gear.
*Bottom paint
*cleaning supplies (bucket, sponges, hose, water nossle, scrub brushes, wax, cleaners, electric buffer....)
*pumping the head
*Electronics: GPS, VHF, and any others...
*Anchor, chain, line
*fire extinguisher(s)
*Mooring lines and other various lines
*Floating key chains
*Cockpit cushions
*galley supplies
*Boat shoes
*foul weather gear
*flares etc...
*McLube--essential for lubricating sail track and other hardware
*winch handles
*cup holders--you don''t want to spill your beverages
*sail cover
*tiller cover
*winch covers
*registration numbers
*boat name and of course the all important bottle of champagne.
The list goes on...
A boat really is a hole in the water that you pour money into...but IMO it is well worth it. Just be aware of the major expenses so you don''t overextend yourself. I have listed most of the important expenses. Many of the expenses depend on the size of the boat. Just go thru a boat catalog and start marking things off you need. It really does add up. Many of the costs will depend on whether you buy new or used. Used boats often come with alot of gear but may need upgrading. With new boats you may need to buy all the gear, sails, etc....
Good luck
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